Robots in a swimming pool

Photo by Somchai Kongkamsri on

Once you step into the batter’s box there should be no emotion or thinking. The best way to get yourself ready is imagine you are sinking beneath the surface of water. Feel your body relaxed and flowing with the water and drowning out all the noise from your coach, players, and most importantly the parents yelling instructions from the bleachers. This is your time.

There should be no thinking at this point just robotic muscle memory movements. Trust your training, you don’t have to swing out of your shoes and murder the ball. This kind of swing causes a miss hit for a popup or grounder. Yes you may get lucky and rope one, but play the odds. Think 80% of your swing speed which will give you relaxed controlled movements and better ball striking. You will actually hit the ball consistently farther.

Once the pitch is on the way get to your launch position and exhale and explode. If you swing and miss, that is fine. Do not get frustrated because this will only lead to an over aggressive swing and increase the likelihood of finishing the at bat poorly. There should be no emotion in your at bat. You are a robot in a swimming pool, do not short circuit.

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