Where do I stand in the batters box?

You should find a spot you like and stay there. Pitchers plates don’t move and neither does the home plate. Only the speeds and movements change, and that what you should do. The slower the pitcher, the slower you start. The faster the pitcher, the quicker you start your process. Think dominoes falling over, slow push or quick flick. Your swing remains aggressive.

Front – for bunting only. Most batters think they are sending a message to the pitcher by saying they aren’t fast by cramming the front of the box. This is silly because a good pitcher may be hiding a aspirin they are about to throw past you. Don’t give the pitcher the advantage. Your weakness is a high sinker/drop ball that breaks into the strike zone. If you have any sort of stride with your swing you will most likely step out of the box for an out when you swing.

Back – If you are having trouble with your timing and the pitcher is throwing gas. This will give you the longest look at the ball but you will have to watch for drops, sinkers and of course, change ups.

Split the Plate (My preference) – Put the plate in the middle of your stance. You can also line your stride foot with the front of the plate. This give you the most plate coverage and allows you enough time to see the ball and hit any breaking pitches for a strike or on the edges. Learn to hit here and stay here!

Once you learn how to time a pitcher correctly, you make your movements consistent with slow or fast pitchers. More on that next week.

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