3-0 No or Go?

There’s nothing worse than being up 3-0 in the count, letting a meatball pitch go by, fouling the next one-off, and then striking out looking because the strike zone now overlaps with the white of the batter’s box. Usually your best pitches to hit are 0-0 and 3-0. Why? Because the pitcher wants to get ahead in the count and doesn’t want to walk you.

Don’t wait for a strike

The phrase “A walk is just as good as a hit” is a false statement. What feels better, laying your bat down and taking a leisurely stroll to first or hitting a frozen rope to the left center gap. You feel cheated when you walk. One of my students likes to see what the pitcher has and how the umpire calls the first few pitches. I don’t recommend this unless you are super disciplined and a incredible contact hitter.

There is no perfect pitch

You have to learn to hit balls off the plate or a bit high or low out of the zone. Down the middle shouldn’t exist for a good pitcher and you shouldn’t be looking for it belt high. However this changes on a 3-0 count. Unless the pitcher is missing on purpose they will generally take a bit off and serve it over the plate. They do this because many coaches will give a take sign.

Use all of your strikes

Another thing I hear is “you’ve got 2 strikes, protect”. Again, another false statement that coaches repeat through the generations. You’ve been training to knock the snot out of the ball all week and now you are going to take something off? All three of your strikes should be hard swings. So what if you strike out swinging. It’s better than hitting a weak grounder to an infielder for an easy out.

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