Coaching your own child

What better way to relive your days as a player by coaching your kids. This could be a good or bad thing.

Treat them the same

Encouragement, instruction, punishment, all of it. There’s a pressure and temptation to be harder on your kid and you have to resist it. Treat them like any other player. Are you going to scream at someone else’s kid for missing a grounder? Nah, because that parent might come over and punch you in the grill. If you do scream at the other kids you may want to consider another path. Mistakes happen, they are counting on you for support. They know they made a mistake, you don’t need to remind them with your anxious anger. You are only making it worse and could lead to more errors.

Have fun

You are playing a sport to escape the everyday life of school and work. Yes there will be some problem kids that will try to ruin the game but you also have ones that counterbalance and bring the team up. Be a coach that brings everyone up and stop tearing down. I like to use drills that inspire competition. It doesn’t feel like work when it’s fun.

Enjoy it

It’s not going to last forever. What will they remember? A parent that helped them love the game or one that made them not want to coach, play, or even watch the sport on television. Don’t fall into the comparison game, every kid is different and some are way better than yours. Stay humble if that kid is yours.

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