How to get more playing time

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If you are warming the bench more than blazing the bases, there are several things you can try to get more playing time.

Work harder

Find a hitting/pitching coach that will refine your craft. There are usually clinics where you can get extra reps for fielding. If for some reason you don’t have deep pocketbooks, there plenty of instructional videos on the YouTubes that will show you the proper mechanics and drills. The point is, you can’t just sit around and wish for more playing time, you have to put in the work and earn it.


It never hurts to ask, even if you don’t get the answer you are looking for. Ask questions like: How can I help the team, is there s position that you think I’m better suited for and I can work towards. A good coach will notice improvement over time and put you in the game to compare/contrast with other players on who earns that spot.

Find a team that needs you

If you have put in the work and perform well when you get in the game but still don’t get the playing time you desire then it’s time to move on. Everyone needs pitchers, catchers, and those who can hit well. The more game time you get (rather than just practice reps) is beneficial to you as a player. You want to feel valued, this beats sitting the bench and winning a ring that you didn’t contribute.

Finally, some things are predetermined and nothing will alter your destiny on a team. You probably knew this when you joined. The point is to play and have fun, you don’t always have to win.